Who is DEFG Co., Ltd.

DEFG Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of LED screens and solutions in Thailand. With over 10 years of experience, we have local teams and excellent aftersales service to help you with your business needs. We can provide you with high-quality products including LED screen panels, video walls, graphic walls and other related products at competitive prices.

Our Expertise

DEFG Co., Ltd. is a LED screen and solutions provider in Thailand. We are experts in providing high-quality LED screens, innovative solutions and expertise in customizing services for our clients.

Our team was established in 2008 by a group of people who have more than 10 years’ experience in this field. We provide services such as design, planning, installation and maintenance for commercial projects such as shopping malls, restaurants, hotels etc.. We also provide screen and service for DOOH, data visualization, rental & staging. We have a team of highly skilled engineers and designers who are passionate about what they do. They are experts in creating innovative solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals. We also provide consultation services to help our clients choose the right products and solutions for their projects.

Why Choose DEFG?

  • We are a local company, with local expertise and support.
  • Our prices are competitive and we can offer you the best value for money.
  • We have been in this business for over 10 years, so we know what works best in Thailand!

Our Service

DEFG provides the professional services to our clients. Our experts will provide the BEST solutions based on the needs and situations.






Our Product

Discover the perfect commercial display solution for your business needs with DEFG.


LED Display


Control System





Get in Touch Today

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Email: info@defg.co.th
Phone: +66 (0) 2106 0001


We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions we get from our customers and clients. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We offer a wide range of LED screen solutions for events, exhibitions and entertainment venues. These include both indoor and outdoor displays that can be used for advertising purposes as well as branding campaigns. We also provide technical support for all our products so you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly once your order has been placed with us!