Absen DooH LED display solutions bring your brand‘s advertising to life.

Creating Perfect Viewing Experience and Improve Brand Awareness

Various standard-sized, outdoor, high-definition LED displays bring bright colors and vivid images to the audience, accurately conveying the advertiser’s brand information and helping improve sales.


Product Highlights

Absen provides technologically advanced, high-quality, safe, and reliable LED displays, helping customers increase their advertising revenue.
Meet the personalized needs of customers with various features: high brightness, energy-saving, high-definition displays, stable & reliable performance, low operating costs, fast installation & maintenance, and naked-eye 3D creativity. Every LED display presents an opportunity to capture advertising revenue. Widely applied in various segmented scenarios from billboards, digital spectaculars, digital signage, street furniture, transit centers, sports applications, etc. Maximize business value for global customers.




The LED billboards are primarily used for advertising, with a set of commonly used sizes. They are positioned on highly visible, traffic-heavy locations to promote a specific brand, product, or service on a paid basis.



Large, complex, and engaging, the spectaculars use special effects to surprise viewers and grab attention. They are typically positioned in high profile areas, on the walls or roofs of buildings in CBDs and downtown areas.


Transit Center

Providing information to passengers through first-class LED display technology
Transit center advertising with LED displays can release massive dynamic ads in real time and achieve accurate advertising placement based on population analysis.


Digital Signage

Digital sign displays advertising information on business, finance and entertainment in a bright, eye-catching way. Mainly located in residential communities, parks, attractions, restaurants, commercial centers and municipal facilities.


Street Furniture

Street furniture signage entertains and informs with dynamic advertisement. The customers are delivered visually engaging content from multiple brands, compelling brand interactions and purchases.


Smart Pole

Smart Pole is an important tool for building a comprehensive perception network of smart cities, integrating 5G base stations, intelligent lighting, environmental monitoring, information dissemination, intelligent monitoring, one-key alarms, charging stations, public broadcasting and other functional modules with a centralized management.

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