Rental & Staging

Absen's rental & staging LED products cater to versatile indoor/ outdoor events and virtual production, creating immersive visual effects for diverse stages and shooting environments.

Empowering Your Stage

With unparalleled expertise in LED display technology, Absen offers a comprehensive range of products to customers in the rental and staging markets, making it the preferred choice for global enterprises that demand superior image quality, rock-solid structural integrity and excellent color reproduction. By utilizing our products, companies globally have achieved remarkable results, crafting thousands of mesmerizing stages.


Experience a Visual Feast

With a versatile product portfolio, we provide flat, curved, L-shaped, cube-shaped, flexible, and floor LED displays, perfectly tailored to meet diverse needs.



Corporate Event

Corporate event such as press conferences, product launches, forums and corporate annual meetings are important occasions where enterprises release new products, promote corporate culture, and attract investment. The creative integration of LED displays and digital content can help enterprises highlight product designs and unique styles.


Public Event

Public events usually have a profound impact on the hosting site, influencing its politics, economy, and culture. Absen specializes in providing durable LED displays with high definition and vibrant color reproduction, ensuring the seamless execution of public events and leaving audiences with unforgettable memories.


Live Music

The live music market is exploding around the world. Elevate your live music experience with cutting-edge LED displays. The LED display wall that can be quickly built in a short time allows the audience to enjoy the wonderful stage performances even from a distance. The combination of LED displays, lasers, dry ice and pyrotechnics greatly enriches the stage effect.


Broadcasting Studio

Television shows are often recorded in broadcasting studios, which use a variety of light, electrical, and sound equipment to create creative conditions. Studios nowadays pay more attention to interactive displays that can enrich program content and effects through virtual-real fusion and remote interaction, and this is exactly what Absen is committed to doing.


Virtual Production Studio

Virtual production studios integrate LED displays with virtual camera systems, spatial positioning systems, real-time rendering systems and other equipment to create a filming space that combines imagination and reality. Enhance your production capabilities with LED display solutions. With immersive LED backdrops and ceilings, actors are transported to dynamic environments, enabling efficient parallel production and cost-saving multi-scene shooting in limited spaces.


xR Stage

xR (Extended Reality) is the collective name for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) , and mixed reality (MR). xR stage integrates LED displays and xR technology, extending the real stage through tracking camera and lens movement, thus creating spectacular scenes for the audience.

The xR stage is usually equipped with LED backdrops and floor displays, making it ideal for producing music videos, commercials, TV shows, performances, keynote speeches, and online product launches.

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